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He’s got a girlfriend! He’s got a girlfriend!

Because I couldn’t get over the fact how happy and red he was when Sir Richard let it slip that he’s already ‘attached’. And how his whole face lit up with that mere words. Sigh.

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msamberpriley On Prancer! On Dancer! 😂 @chordover and Lady Di

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chordover Now one with Lady Di @diannaagron

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@chordover Throwback. I Miss this guy! @marksalling again as Blaine

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chordoverThrowback. I Miss this guy! @marksalling again as Blaine

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marksalling Pink is for princesses
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diannaagron Back in my trailer. Back in her dresses…
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marksalling Reunited with my little ook. @diannaagron #season6 #quick #sceneshredding